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Induction heating verification

We'll admit it, compared to a torch, induction heating can see pretty intimidating. But when customers find out the advantages, most of the trepidation tends to disappear. The ability to process more welds per shift? Perfect. Elimination of open flame on the job site? HSEQ will love it!

However, if you still need more convincing, we offer FREE in house testing of your workpiece. Our location in London, ON is a full service induction test facility, built side-by-side with our welding and assembly shop. Induction engineers, technicians and welders are all available to analyze, setup and test your workpiece. We will verify its compatibility with our induction equipment, as well as optimizing the coil layout to ensure the heat gets where you want it, and at a speed that will boost your productivity. Think your workpiece is too big? Our overhead cranes can handle large pieces no problem, but feel free to send us a challenge!

Want to learn more? Send us an email (, and we will get back to you within the day. Or phone our head office (519-659-3659), and ask for Dan or Tim. We are always looking for better ways to let our technology help your bottom line.

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