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Rotating Induction Head vs. Traditional Torch Heating

Do you have workpieces on the move? In traditional fabrication settings, torches fueled by oxy-acetylene, MAPP, or propane have been the only way to maintain preheat on large vessels on rollers or positioners. However, this method has been plagued with issues, from the requirement of constant supervision, to the large amount of wasted heat and slow heating times.

SteinHEAT's Rolling Induction Head is the solution to these issues. Using the focused, controlled heat expected of induction heat, SteinHEAT's engineers have developed a induction head which can be used to replace torches in most applications. This induction head can increase heat up times, while keeping the heat focused where you need it, in the workpiece. This leads to a more controlled welding environment and increase operator comfort.

Just how much of a difference does it make? Take a look at the video below for a comparison between a standard propane torch and SteinHEAT's Rolling Induction head.

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