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Products and Services

  • 45 kVA, dual output Induction Heater

  • 10-25kHz Auto-Tuning Frequency

  • Water-cooled cables with patented quick-connect technology

  • Rugged enclosure built with 14 gauge stainless steel panels and high strength stainless steel tubing

  • Integrated water cooler

          Spec Sheet: ST-45.pdf

Induction Cabling
Induction Cabling
  • 350A water-cooled cable system

  • Feeder cables made with durable hose and rugged connections for long life

  • Inductor cables with ultra-flexible hose for easy coil preparation

  • Patented quick connect combines electrical and water connections for quick setup and teardown

          Spec Sheet: InductionCabling.pdf

Rotating Induction Head
  • For heating moving workpieces, or attaching to semi-automated welding equipment (SAW, robotic, etc)

  • Preheat inline with process equipment to 370°C.

  • Replace gas torches to add precision temperature control to rolling workpieces 

         Spec Sheet: RotatingInductionHead.pdf

Coils: Design and Construction
  • Designed by experience SteinHEAT technicians and engineers

  • Patented water cooled quick connectors

  • Prototyped and tested on your workpiece

  • Copper tubing or flexible induction hose construction

         Spec Sheet: InductionCoils.pdf

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